Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AllMemphisMusic.com ~ Memphis Inner View with Mitch McCracken ~ Jack Rowell JR.


Mitch McCracken’s love for music started like most people, as a teenager. Some of his closest friends in high school played in garage bands. Mitch had no musical talent so the next best thing was to set his goal as becoming a DJ. He achieved that goal of becoming a DJ right out of high school in his hometown of Memphis. He has been a DJ all his adult life.

He has been a Program Director, Music Director, Promotions Director and Research Director in addition to his "On Air" work at radio stations in New Orleans, Florence, Las Vegas and El Paso in addition to Memphis.

In that first job at FM100 he started to meet some of the most influential people in Memphis music. The first being Chips Moman at American Sound Studios (Elvis, The Box Tops, Dusty Springfield, Merrilee Rush, etc) Chips allowed Mitch to watch some sessions when Billy Burnette was recording his first album there. He met and became friends with Tommy Cogbill, Reggie Young and Bobby Wood who would later be known as part of the Memphis Boys. 

 By the time Mitch reached the age of 23 he was working at WQLT in Florence, AL for Sam Phillips of Sun Records fame. He then returned home to Memphis and bought a national trade magazine called the Bob Hamilton and Friends Radio Report and changed the name to Radio Magazine.

So Mitch McCracken has been involved in Memphis music all his life. He is now promotion the music he loves on his new radio show on All Memphis Music.com. The show is called Memphis Music Inner View and can be heard Tuesday’s at 10pm Memphis time and Thursday’s at 10am Memphis time.

This week’s guest is Jack Rowell Jr. who was been a part of the Memphis music scene since the seventies. He toured and recorded with Ace Cannon, he was a member of the Gentrys, played on Beale Street with Joyce Cobb’s band and The Jack Rowell Blues Band is the reigning Beale Street Blues Kings.

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