Monday, January 21, 2008

Memphis Tigers # 1 in the Nation All Memphis Music

So it's Saturday night, Jan. 19, we were at the game and we all knew North Carolina had lost their basketball game to Maryland and all we had to do was beat Southern Miss and we'd be # 1.

The Fed-ex Forum was electric. The crowd was loud and the energy was high 45 minutes before tip-off

The TIGERS took off from get go and never looked back......winning by 36...........83-47.

We had to wait til Monday when the polls came out to be sure, and where we would be in the polls.

On the radio, in the stores, all over town, it was TIGER talk.

Finally the polls were released...

The University of Memphis men's Basketball team.....was indeed, # 1 in both the USA

Today/ ESPN poll.......and the Associated Press Coaches Poll

For now.......the most respected team in college basketball.

The City is going....NUTS

What a great time to be a TIGER fan


Honoring the life of Dr Martin Luther King

The new Mavis Staples CD also has a track called "Down In Mississippi" which talks about what is was like growing up in the deep South, having to walk away from one water fountain, cause it was white only. That was a scene I will never forget as one time I accidentally drank from "their" fountain, and my daddy pulling me away and I didn't know what I had done wrong. Man, those were messed up times.
We are honoring Dr Martin Luther King's life today here in the U.S. I was a DJ in Memphis when the shots rang out in the Memphis skies(thank you Bono). I was on the air and every phone in our control room went crazy with news organizations from all over the world trying to get anyone to talk. Nobody in Memphis was allowed on the streets that night, unless deemed an emergency. I will never forget driving home that night after my airshift, and seeing the streets completely empty. An eerie feeling.
Listen closely to the new Mavis Staples's fantastic.

Listen for excerpts from DR Martin Luther King speeches today on

Friday, January 4, 2008

All Memphis Music

What a blast! Our radio station has just discovered Guy Sebastian and his new CD "The Memphis Album". Now his fans in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and more have discovered us. What great fans too!!

Check it out!