Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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AllMemphisMusic.com fully supports Goner Fest 8 !!

Tickets are now on sale for Goner Records’ eighth annual international music festival, which will take place September 22-25, 2011, in Memphis, TN. Goner Fest 8 will include three evening showcases at the Hi-Tone, a Saturday afternoon ten band blowout at Murphy’s, opening and closing shows at the Goner Record Shop, and various daytime shows throughout the weekend. The festival will bring together 35 bands from all over the world for three days and nights of rock and roll mayhem. Attendance for Goner Fest 8 is anticipated to top 2500 people for the weekend; as many as half of whom will be coming from outside of Memphis. Previous festivals have attracted rock and roll fans from Austria, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Wales, Holland, France, England, Australia, Croatia, Tasmania, and Canada. And Vermont!
In its short life span, Goner Fest has quickly increased the size of its blip on the radar of mainstream independent music. Paste said it “tends to fill three days with so much overdriven, yelp-tastic rock 'n' roll that, for the slightest moment, the city of Memphis becomes one big parents' garage.” Blurt called Goner Fest “a rock n roll mainline that is the perfect antidote for all those other festivals.”
Thursday, September 22 - Opening Ceremonies - 5:30 pm - @ Goner Records
Jack Oblivian (Memphis, TN)
Limes (Memphis, TN)
Thursday Night - @ Hi Tone
Ty Segall (SF, CA)
OBN IIIs (Austin, TX)
Royal Headache (Sydney, Australia)
Mikal Cronin (SF, CA)
Hans Condor (Nashville, TN)
Sex Cult (Memphis, TN)
MC NoBunny
DJ Useless Eater & DJ Rick
Friday, September 23 - Afternoon Rock – 2 pm - @ Buccaneer
Straight Arrows (Sydney, Australia)
Ryan Rousseau & His Desert Children (Desert, AZ)
Coasting (Memphis, TN / Brooklyn, NY)
Sharp Balloons (Memphis, TN)
Cyclops (???)
Friday Night - @ Hi Tone
Gories (Detroit, MI)
Icky Boyfriends (SF, CA)
Mean Jeans (Portland, OR)
James Arthur's Manhunt (Desert, Texas)
Midnight Snaxxx (SF, CA)
Aquafuzz (Memphis, TN)
MC Rob K
DJ Aya Papaya, DJ Robert Dinero, & DJ Billiams
Saturday, September 24 - Afternoon Rock Blowout – 1 pm - @ Murphys
Reverend John Wilkins (Memphis, TN)
Missing Monuments (New Orleans, LA)
Kitchen's Floor (Brisbane, Australia)
Outdoorsmen (SF, CA)
Manatees (Memphis, TN)
Pity Fucks (Portland, OR)
Football (Chicago, IL)
Shirks! (Washington, DC)
Real Numbers (Minneapolis, MN)
True Sons Of Thunder (Memphis, TN)
Saturday Night - @ Hi Tone
Human Eye (Detroit, MI)
Alarm Clocks (Cleveland, OH)
Shannon & Clams (SF, CA)
Deaf Wish (Melbourne, Australia)
Brides (Chicago, IL)
Black Sunday (Memphis, TN)
MC Dave Dunlap
DJ Seth Sutton & DJ Crenshaw
Sunday, September 25 - Sunday Afternoon - @ Goner
Jam Messengers (Volcano, HI + Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Two Tears (NYC, NY)
Sunday Night - @ Buccaneer
Gonerfest comedown - NO BANDS!