Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who is this "Guy" Sebastian ? ~

A lot of people have sent us e-mails about a new CD we're playing, called "The Memphis Album", by Australian singer Guy Sebastian. Ever since the crew here at first heard the CD, we have felt that Guy is something special, and obviously so have a lot of you. Guy was the first Australian Idol winner and his dream after he won, was to go to Memphis, Tennesse and record an album with the legendary Steve Cropper. Too big a dream? Steve Cropper said, "Well let me hear his voice", and when he did Steve said "every hair on my body stood up, just like hearing Otis Redding did for the first time." Well the album came out and Steve and Duck Dunn from the MG's were so impressed, that they went to Australia to be Guy's backup band on a recent tour. The reviews were spectacular and all the concerts were sold -out!

Recently All Memphis played Guys's Cd in it's entirety and due to global requests, we are repeating the special this Friday night April 25th(at 10:00 pm (Memphis Time) and Saturday morning April 26th at 10:00 am (Memphis Time)

This repeat special includes special guests from artists who played on the CD, as well as Ardent Recording Studio President John Fry and guitar hero, Steve Cropper and many others

We do hope you can listen in, as the music is fantastic and the interviews are classic! We can't wait for the USA release of "The Memphis Album"!

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